The Best Places to go Kayaking with your Family [year]

There may be travel restrictions in place now, but they won’t last forever. When things finally return to normal, you’re going to need to celebrate and what better way than to go explore nature? I’ve collected a list of the Top 6 places to go kayaking with your family, so when you’re finally free all you need to do is go!

The 6 Best Family Kayaking Locations:

The French Alps – France

An Aquatic Paradise in the Mountains

Paddling in the French Alps is an absolutely picturesque experience. It’s perfect for all manner of kayakers. There are the beautifully calm waters of the Ardeche, or if you’re more capable then why not give the Durance’s Sunshine Run a go?

If that still isn’t enough for you, the Austrian, Swiss and Italian alps have rougher waters which will gladly provide you with a challenge.

Part of the reason I love the Alps so much though, is because of the extraordinary view. It’s a wonderful place to stay and truly experience how beautiful nature can be.

The Ottawa River – Canada

Big Water for Little People

Another entry that is designed for all ages and abilities, the Ottawa River in Canada is a fantastic spot to take your family which those restrictions finally get lifted. The locale is completely different depending on what time of year you go.

In the Summer, the waters are calmer and allow the younger paddlers to experience the joy that is kayaking. Back in the Spring though? The snowmelt season lends itself to some pretty big waves… You’d be correct in assuming that this summons the best kayakers from around the world as they search out freshwater thrills.

Kaikoura – New Zealand

Get in Touch with Ocean Wildlife

Picture this: you and your partner, paddling together on an emerald ocean. Mountains on one side, endless horizon on the other. Out of nowhere dolphins jump out of the water and start swimming alongside you.

That’s the reality of kayaking in Kaikoura. It is an absolute dream, and can easily provide you with some of the best kayaking experiences of your life. The wildlife tour is well suited to beginners, and even children are welcome to tag along for the ride.

Why not see for yourself and make it a memory the whole family never forgets?

Playa Blanca – Lanzarote

The Right Posture for Paddling

Rocky cliffs and crystal clear wears are available to see if you go on the Sea Kayaking excursions at Playa Blanca. You’ll visit cliffs, caves and even make your way to Playa Papagayo (the most famous beach in Lanzarote). You can expect to take a break here, where you’ll be able to enjoy a picnic, before continuing with your journey.

While the initial segment is catered towards beginners, there is a route available to the more experienced kayaker which takes you along the Black Cliffs of Castillo del Aguila. If you get the chance to go kayaking here, I’d thoroughly recommend taking full advantage of everything Lanzarote has to offer.

The Islands of Hvar and Vis – Croatia

Kayaking Past Islands in the Sun

The Dalmatian Coast is one of the most entrancing places on Earth – and a fantastic place to go kayaking. Being out on the open ocean is a fantastic feeling, and there are several kayaking companies that fully take advantage of this.
It’s not just kayaking that is available either. You can rent Stand Up Paddleboards in case a member of your group would prefer to do that instead. However you want to enjoy your time on the water, Hvar can deliver. Plus with the water so pleasantly warm, you’d be tempted to purposely roll just to take a quick dip.

Being able to rent kayaks is brilliant if you only kayak habitually, are travelling and can’t take one with you, or if you’ve got beginners who may not want to invest into a potentially very costly kayak.

And that’s not all Hvar has to offer! There’s also a fantastic night-life, which is perfect if you’re in the mood for adventure. Grab a few friends, kayak all day, and then party all night.

Porthleven – England

Smuggle Yourself in to Cornish Caverns

The cliffs of Cornwall are a sight to behold, and since the area is also filled with a variety of sea life (such as seals, lobster and jellyfish) and low lying reefs – you’re guaranteed to be impressed.

If the weather conditions aren’t too favourable, an incredible variety of alternative locations is available instead. There are a plethora of caves you can visit, including some secret ones that you may not have even noticed were there.

This is a beautiful area to go kayaking in, and when you traverse a cave by canoe it feels extremely exhilarating.

So what do you think of our list? Are you tempted to visit any of them, or have you been there already? Let us know down below, and Happy Kayaking!