Best Kayaking Spray Skirts 2021

Best Kayaking Spray Skirts 2021

We’ve discussed a lot of equipment on KayakReviewer, but one thing we haven’t looked at before is spray skirts. If you’re unaware, a spray skirt is designed to keep you and the inside of your kayak dry while you’re paddling. We’ve collected some of the best spray skirts you can buy, so have a look at these products and decide which may be most suitable for you.

This is the best Kayak Spray Skirt on this list: 

Best Kayak Spray Skirts – Reviews

1. Dagger Inertia Spray Skirt

What’s Good?
  • Hugs Your Cockpit: The inclusion of a rubber rand keeps your spray skirt far more secure than typical shock cord.
  • Protection against abrasion: Kevlar-reinforced neoprene is expertly produced to protect against damage.
  • Extended Body Tube: The conical design of the tunnel creates a seal around you which keeps the tunnel up and water out.
  • Watertight Seal: A durable and gripping underside coating prevents any water from getting into your cockpit.
What’s Bad?
  • Expensive: Boasting this many features has a significant drawback, and that is the high price of this spray skirt.

Our best choice for a spray skirt, the Dagger Inertia is perfectly suited to keeping you dry whether you’re going for a gentle paddle, or a whitewater ride. It is expensive, so this spray skirt should be considered by pros, more than amateurs, but it is an amazing piece of kit.

2. Perception Truefit Spray Skirt

What’s Good?
  • Wide Range of Sizes: There are multiple sizes available, so if you need a specific size for your kayak you’ll be able to get one that fits.
  • Sticky Edging: Grips the cockpit tightly when in use, adding extra durability.
  • Water-Resistant Tunnel Zipper: Allows hot air to escape when open, and keeps you dry when closed.
  • Stays Attached to You: The durable nylon and adjustable chest band with removable suspenders means that the spray skirt hugs your body well.
What’s Bad?
  • Chest Band Lacks Grip Strength: If you decide not to use the suspenders, be aware that the chest band may slide down and pool water.

A far more reasonable price than the Inertia, the Perception Truefit benefits from a range of available sizes. You’re sure to find one that fits your kayak. It’ll keep water out and stay secure, as long as you use the suspenders – otherwise, you may feel the chest band slips down. Overall though, this is a brilliant skirt and one you should definitely look into getting.

3. Dagger Outbound Spray Skirt

What’s Good?
  • Reinforced Neoprene: The deck and rim provide superior protection thanks to the use of reinforced neoprene.
  • Excellent Grip: An underside coating is specially designed to add a watertight seal on your kayak’s cockpit.
  • Breathable Fabric: Don’t worry about overheating thanks to the breathable 3-layer fabric.
  • Pockets: It has a water-resistant, zippered pocket designed to protect smaller items.
What’s Bad?
  • Struggle with Sizing: It can be difficult to find a size that fits your kayak properly.

Designed to keep you dry and comfortable, the Dagger Outbound does exactly that. A tight underside grip creates a watertight seal, and the breathable fabric stops you from overheating. It may be difficult to get one in the right size, but if you can this spray skirt is one you should strongly consider.

4. attwood Universal Kayak Spray Skirt

What’s Good?
  • PVC Sealed Seams: To improve water resistance, the seams have been sealed with PVC.
  • Storage Bag Included: To aid in carrying smaller items while you’re kayaking, a mesh storage bag comes with this spray skirt.
  • Durable: The use of a 210 denier nylon makes this a strong and durable spray skirt.
  • Cost Friendly: The least expensive product on this list, this is a fantastic first choice for new kayakers.
What’s Bad? 
  • One Size: Only available in one size, it may not fit your kayak properly.

Perfect for beginners just getting into the sport, the attwood Spray Skirt gives the protection you need, without costing a great deal. It may not offer the same amount of protection as the other spray skirts, but if you’re simply paddling along a calm stream, then you don’t need anything else.


What’s Good?
  • Safety Reflectors: Stay visible, even when it gets dark thanks to the included safety reflectors on this spray skirt.
  • Coaming Tension Bungee: Prepare for the Advanced Elements to strongly grip your kayak.
  • Welded Seams: Say goodbye to water penetration, the welded seams will help keep any unwanted moisture out.
  • Keeps You Warm: Paddling in cooler months? This skirt will keep heat in, so you stay warmer for longer.
What’s Bad?
  • Potentially Difficult to Secure: Some users have found difficulty with affixing the skirt to their kayak properly.

The Advanced Elements is best suited to the intermediate kayaker. The seams are welded, and offers strong protection from both water and cold air. The reflector is a welcome addition too, letting you paddle in lower light, without compromising safety. Fitting it to your kayak can prove challenging, but once it’s secure the protection is excellent.

6. Snap Dragon Armortex Kevlar Kayak Spray Skirt

What’s Good?
  • Designed for the Extreme: The build materials and quality are designed to endure white-water and rodeo paddling, so if you need a skirt for demanding conditions this is it.
  • Rim Guard Reinforcement: Heat-welded to the deck’s surface, the reinforcement creates a water-tight seal without the need for stitching.
  • Single-Deck Construction: Avoids creating weak spots, therefore keeping the deck strong and flexible.
  • 2” Grab Handle: Easy to grab and pull in the event of capsizing, the handle acts as a quick release for the skirt.
What’s Bad?
  • Can Be Mis-Sized: Some customers have reported that despite the skirt being exceptional quality, it didn’t fit the supposed size kayaks.

Made with kevlar, the Snap Dragon Amortex spray skirt is perfectly suited to cope with any abrasions it encounters. All materials used are designed to protect you from extreme conditions. Combine this with the single-deck construction to avoid creating any weak spots and you have an incredible spray skirt. The sizing may not be accurate, but if it does fit, then this is one of the best skirts available today. 

Final Thoughts

Any spray skirt you buy should always fit your kayak as well as it possibly can, otherwise you risk water-entry. Also keep in mind your skill level, and how often you will go kayaking, as these should greatly factor into how much you’re willing to spend on a skirt.

At least one of the options above should suit you, but if they don’t then shop around until you find what’s best for you. It’s your kayaking experience, after all.