Best Motorized Kayaks: Jet-Powered and Electric

Here you have our list of the best motor-powered kayaks  Now, paddling down the river is a pleasant experience, but riding on the most powerful motorized kayak is something else entirely! If you want the best jet-powered kayak, then you should know that not all products are made to the same standard. In fact, there are some brands you may want to avoid. As such, we have compiled this motorized kayak buyer’s guide – designed to give you valuable advice on what to check when purchasing the correct kayak for you.

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Our rating:
Old Town Predator MK Fishing Kayak with Motor and Rudder (Black Cherry, 13 Feet 2 Inches)
  • Bridging the gap between kayaks, Bass boats, and shallow-water Craft, the Predator MK fishing kayak, powered by a quiet 45-pound thrust Minn Kota motor, is designed to deliver the perfect electric-powered platform for fishing and on-water sporting.
  • The Predator MK's element Seating System with high/low positioning keeps paddlers comfortable for a full day on the water.
  • Packed with features, the Predator MK's revolutionary design includes a slip-resistant Exon-Ridge deck and tank well, scupper holes, rod tip holders and rod retainer bungees.
  • Also includes side-mount paddle storage and molded paddle rest, a large bow hatch with Click Seal cover and rectangular Click Seal hatch under the seat, tackle storage, and more.  Paddle sold separately.
  • Enjoy a stable ride with the added control of the support Track foot brace system. The Minn Kota motor and foot-controlled rudder system allows for hands-free fishing and great mobility. This twelve-foot kayak has a 600-pound maximum load capacity.

Best Motorized Kayaks – Comparison Table

Best Motorized Kayaks – Reviews

Our Pick
Old Town Predator MK Fishing Kayak with Motor and Rudder (Black Cherry, 13 Feet 2 Inches)
Our rating:

1. Old Town Predator MK 13 Fishing Kayak

Complete with the Minn-Kota motor, this is our best electric-powered fishing kayak.

The Predator MK is a large motorized kayak for fishing. It can be used for any type of paddling adventure, but it comes with a range of features that make it our best motorized fishing kayak. In fact, the electric motor kayak made it into our fastest kayak for fishing list. Perhaps the best feature of this kayak is the Modular Console System (MCS), which makes it easy to change between three consoles.

It made it into our top sit-on-top fishing kayak list.

  • Length – 13’ 2”
  • Width – 36”
  • Weight – 117.5lb
  • Capacity – 600lb
  • The Predator MK comes with the Minn-Kota Console as standard, which gives 45lb of electric-powered thrust. This motor gives a silent performance that won’t scare all the fish in a 100m radius!
  • With variable speed and forward/reverse controls, you’ll have maximum control of the kayak, and hands free!
  • This console has anodized and zinc-coated materials that won’t rust in salt water, while the dual kill-switches keep you safe.
  • Comfort is the order of the day with the Predator MK.
  • Special mention has to go to the comfortable seat that can be adjusted for fishing, paddling, or standing.
  • If you do decide to stand then you’ll love the slip-resistant deck that prevents any accidents.
  • No fishing kayak is complete without storage space for your fishing gear and tackle. Fortunately, the Predator MK has dual tackle holders, bungees, a water-tight bow hatch, and the Exo-Ridge tank well. There’s even a storage space under the seat!
  • None that we found!

Wilderness Systems Radar 115 | Sit on Top Fishing Kayak | Premium Angler Kayak | 11' 6'
Our rating:

2. Wilderness Systems Radar 11.5 Kayak

Suitable for a number of different situations, the Wilderness Radar is a great all-rounder.

The Wilderness Systems Radar is tri-powered kayak that can be moved via paddle, pedal or motor. This allows you to swap between the three and use each option when it makes the most sense.

The Radar 115 is a comfortable motorized kayak too. The main feature in this department is the AirPro MAX seat, which adjusts for multiple seating positions. A wide, sturdy build provides users with plenty of room to stretch or stand. If you’re a large person then you may want to try the larger Rador 13.5 instead. At 82lb, this is not the lightest motorized kayak, but the multiple carry handles make it manageable to take to and from the car.

  • Length – 11’ 6”
  • Width – 34.5”
  • Weight – 82lb
  • Capacity – 450lb
  • Another great fact about this kayak is the Wilderness S.M.A.R.T hull system, which stands for Stability, Manoeuvrability, Acceleration, Responsiveness and Tracking. This means that the company have designed this kayak to be used on a variety of different water types and conditions.
  • The kayak has plenty of room for accessories, especially in the water-tight centre hatch that is a great place to store essentials you want to keep safe and dry.
  • The front SlideTrax accessory system is a great place to store fishing tackle and other small items.
  • To make the most of this kayak you will have to fit the Helix PD pedal drive and the Helix motor drive, both of which pop onto the kayak with no trouble at all.
  • We would prefer if the kayak had mounted rod holders, but the does have a flat mounting surface for custom accessories.

ClearYup Electric Kayak with Remote Control Jet Kayak with Trolling Motor See Through Kayak Clear Bottom Boat 2 Seater Kayak Made by Fiberglass and Polycarbonate
Our rating:

3. ClearYup See Through Electric Kayak

Want to see more as you speed along the water? This is the one for you.

Here we have a clear motorized kayak. Yep – that’s about as strange as it gets really. In fact, the ClearYup is our best motorized kayak with clear bottom. You can also view our other clear kayaks.

The innovative design is made from a durable polycarbonate material that is fully-transparent, allowing you to see through the boat and into the water.

This clear electric kayak comes ready with a powerful 12v electric motor that allows the kayak to pick up a good amount of speed over the water. If you want to do a bit of traditional kayaking then you can make use of the large paddles that come free with the kayak. These paddles can also be used in an emergency situation.

  • Length – 10’ 3”
  • Width – 2.92’
  • Weight – 62lbs
  • Capacity – 440lbs
  • The kayak can take more abuse than you think – it can be used in lakes, rivers, and even oceans.
  • None, it’s awesome!

4 Stroke Engines Gasoline Powered Jet Kayak Motorized Canoe Shipped by Air 55 Km/h Professional high tech Exhaust System.
Our rating:

4. MAcraft Power Ski Kayak

Able to go 24.9mph, the MAcraft is one of the fastest kayaks with a motor on the market.

There’s power, then there’s the MAcraft Power Ski Kayak! The other kayaks in this review kayaks that use trolling motors. MAcraft offer an insanely fast jet-powered kayak that is capable of reaching speeds up to 24.9mph. If you want to know the specifics, the kayak has a four-stroke, 152cc, 20-horsepower gas engine.

We know it can travel insanely-fast at top speeds, but you don’t have to go as fast as possible. This kayak would be advantageous for getting to locations quicker, like getting to your chosen fishing spot. With a fuel capacity of 10L and a consumption rate of 3L per hour, you can enjoy all-day kayaking fun.

  • Fuel capacity – 10L
  • Fuel consumption – 3lph
  • Capacity – 220lb
  • The gasoline-powered kayak is essentially a one-person speedboat! As such, the price will come as no surprise; it is not the cheapest on the market.
  • Now, we don’t recommend this kayak for those who are not experienced professionals. This is a lot of power to handle and could be dangerous in the wrong hands. With that said, this is the fastest motorized kayak on the market.