Best Stand up Fishing Kayaks [year]

Here you have our list of the best stand up fishing kayaks.  Experienced anglers will tell you that sometimes you have to stand up to cast out and real in. As such, we have compiled stand up fishing kayak buyers guide – designed to give you valuable advice on what to check when purchasing the correct kayak for you. Please note that while there are many fishing kayaks on the market, not all of them are recommended.

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Best Stand up Fishing Kayaks – Comparison Table

The Best Stand up Fishing Kayaks – Reviews

Our Pick
Hobie 2020 Mirage Pro Angler 12 Papaya
Our rating:

The Hobie Mirage has a huge platform that proves very useful when dealing with fighting fish. In fact, the layout of the deck is second to none.​

The Hobie Mirage is a 13 foot 8 inch kayak with a width of 38 inches. Now, if you’ve read our other buyers guides, you’ll know that this is longer than other fishing kayaks on the market. This size makes the kayak great for strength and stability, but the kayak is considerably less manoeuvrable than shorter kayaks.

Fortunately, the Hobie Mirage features the “MirageDrive” – which is a propulsion system that uses leg power to propel the kayak. This MirageDrive system helps in a number of ways:

  1. Without the system, this large and heavy kayak would be difficult to manoeuvre. Fortunately, the MirageDrive provides the extra power needed to propel and position the kayak.
  2. The MirageDrive is a hands-free system. This allows you to use your hands for other useful activities.

With all of this said, these essential fishing features come at a cost. This kayak is one of the most expensive on the market. At the end of the day, it will come down to your individual budget and what you’re willing to invest. Bear in mind, you’ll also need a trailer to transport the kayak to and from the lake.

  • Overall length – 13’ 8”
  • Overall width – 38”
  • Weight – 144.5lbs
  • Capacity – 600lbs
  • Now, this guide is about the best stand up angling kayaks. The Hobie Mirage has a huge platform that proves very useful when dealing with fighting fish. In fact, the layout of the deck is second to none.
  • The kayak features two moulded rod holders on both sides of the seat, which are ideal for those who like trolling. In regards to storage, the Hobie kayak features dry-storage units in both the stern and bow.
  • Manoeuvrability affected by it’s size – but made easier with MirageDrive propulsion system.

Our rating:

The BKC is our best stand up paddle board for fishing. It’s a mix between a SUP and sit-on-top kayak.

The BKC SUPYN is a stand up fishing paddle board that features a comfortable, full-adjustable seat. In fact, the SUPYN model is a mix between a traditional SUP and sit-on-top kayak. Whatever you call it, the product offers the best of both worlds and is ideal for fishing.

Despite many features and benefits, the kayak is affordable, especially when compared to most fishing kayaks on the market. Not many kayaks allow you to stand, kneel, or sit while fishing. The BKC is a reliable kayak that allows you to get versatile while on the waters.

  • Overall length – 12’
  • Overall width – 33”
  • Weight – 53lbs
  • Capacity – 330lbs
  • The board has two rod holders built into the board, which allows users to fish hands-free. When it comes to casting or reeling in, simply tuck you paddle into the rest beside the seat.
  • Although it doesn’t look like it, this board actually allows you to store some fishing gear. The two strapping features at either end of the board allow you to secure spare clothing, tackle, or your packed lunch.
  • The kayak is easy to carry to the water too. Multiple carry handles at the front and both sides of board make the kayak easy to carry, which is important when you’re carrying a lot of fishing gear.
  • Not many – a great all rounder!

Feel Free Lure 10 Kayak - Blue Camo
Our rating:

The Fellfree Lure 10 is a great all-rounder that comes in a number of eye-catching designs.

At 10’ in length, this is a relatively short stand up fishing kayak. As such, it is suited to lake fishing trips, rather than the high seas. This smaller size also makes it easier to carry to and from the water.

  • Overall length – 10’
  • Overall width – 36”
  • Weight – 69lbs
  • Capacity – 375lbs
  • If you want a comfortable stand up fishing kayak but don’t want something as large and costly as the Hobie Mirage, the Feelfree Lure 10 is your number one choice.
  • As well as being ergonomic, the kayak has an amazing design that is great to look at. My favourite is the red camo, but it is available is a number of different camo colors.
  • But what you want to know is how easy it is to stand up on this kayak. Well, the deck is wide and stable, allowing to fish standing up. The paddle design means you can even paddle from the standing position too! If you decide you want more relaxation, you can just sit back onto the comfortable chair.
  • Not a negative as such but the shorter kayaks are more suited to lake fishing with a kayak than choppy waters.

Lifetime 10 Foot, Two Person Tandem Fishing Kayak with Paddles
Our rating:

With a stealthy design, the Lifetime is our best tandem stand up fishing kayak for two people.

If you want to go fishing with a friend of family member then you’ll need  a tandem fishing kayak. The Lifetime 10 is a reliable fishing kayak that allows two people to stand up and fish. In fact, it can hold up-to 3 people at once.

  • Overall length – 10’
  • Overall width – 36”
  • Weight – 60lbs
  • Capacity – 500lbs
  • The kayak has a stealthy design that is as strong as it looks. In fact, it is made from a thick polyethylene frame in dark green color, which lends itself to creeping up on fish in shallow waters.
  • You have plenty of options for storage. The dry stockpiling compartment hold essentials you won’t to keep dry while on the waters.
  • It also includes a storage plate and bungee line straps for other fishing gear.
  • Other useful fishing features include the rod holders and the oar mount which stores your oars when not in use.
  • The back and front handles allow users to hold and move the 60lb stand up tandem kayak with general ease.


  • Not many that we could see!

Best Stand up Fishing Kayaks – Buyers Guide

What is a stand up kayak?

Simply put, stand up kayaks are kayaks that allow you stand up. With that said, stand up fishing kayaks do still allow users to sit down. Stand up kayaks have standing platforms in the center of deck, which allow users to stand, should they prefer to.

Benefits of using a stand up kayak for fishing

Fishing from a kayak allows you to target fish in remote locations that would be otherwise impossible to access. Many fishermen believe that boats are their only option, but kayaks provide the same benefits. Now, you can fish from any type of kayak. In fact, thousands of people do. However, there are advantages of using stand up kayaks for fishing. Let’s explore a few:

Better viewpoint – When standing up you have are higher up, which allows for a better viewpoint, especially if you’re wearing polarized sunglasses. On the other hand, if you’re sitting down, you’ll be looking out across the water, rather than through it.

Better positioning – It’s no secret that a lot of basic tasks are hard to accomplish when sitting down. For starters, standing up allows you to cask further and more accurately. Standing up also allows you to access your gear easier.

More comfortable – After sitting down for a long period of time, your back and legs may become stiff. Standing up allows for better blood flow and allows your legs to stretch.

How to find the best standing kayaks for fishing?

Before finding the perfect stand up kayak, you should consider your requirements. Now, kayaks come in a variety of different varieties. Before deciding on the best rated stand up fishing kayaks, we must look at the following factors:

Price – Whether your budget is small or large, you can find stand up kayaks in a range of prices. In this review, we display a mix of prices. Our best budget stand up fishing kayak is below:

Hobie 2020 Mirage Pro Angler 12 Papaya

No matter how much you’re willing to spend, none of us want to waste money on overpriced items, so be sure to read this review carefully.

Kayak weight capacity – As you’ll be using your kayak for fishing, you will likely be carrying a lot of equipment. You should ensure that you purchase the best heavy-duty stand up fishing kayak  if you are going to be carrying a lot of cargo.

Kayak dimensions – No one wants a kayak that is too small for their use. By the same token, you don’t want to order a kayak, for you to realize that it is huge! Since you will be using your stand up kayak for fishing, we recommend purchasing a kayak that is on the wider-side, this will provide a more stable surface for you to fish from.

Comfort – Let’s be honest, fishing usually consists of long days on the water. As such, comfort is high on the priority list. In fact, you could even install an elevated platform on top of the kayak. Doing this would allow you to lean against something to take momentary rests.

Warranty – If you want extra insurance in your purchase, we suggest buying from one of the many kayak brands that offer product warranties. These warranties provide you with protection should there be any faults or issues with the kayak.

How to fish from a stand up kayak?

As you can imagine, standing up on a kayak is not the simplest of tasks. In fact, standing on a kayak can take some practise. Those with a good degree of core-strength and balance will have an advantage. To hone your skills, we recommend practising on calm waters to begin with. Remember, practise makes perfect!

Are stand up kayaks safe for fishing?

In short, yes, stand up kayaks are safe. As you may have seen above, all kayaks in this review feature a strapping system that keeps your feet secured onto the kayak while standing. With that said, you should always take further precautions when on the water. This means wearing a life jacket (safety vest) at all times.

Final thoughts

This guide will be regularly updated with the latest and best stand up fishing kayaks. Each of the kayaks in this review has been chosen because of their high-quality and positive recommendations. We recommend weighing up the pros and cons of each kayak, then making your decision.

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