Your ultimate kayaking experience would not be complete without equipping yourself with the best sea kayaking accessories.


Best Kayak Roof Racks For 2021

Looking for the best kayak roof racks? It can be confusing, because not every rack is designed to fit your car roof or hold steadfast on the highways.  The best kayak racks come in a variety of types and sizes. Because of this, we at Kayak Reviewer have handpicked the very best kayak roof racks […]


Best Kayaking Anchors 2021

It’s a kayakers worst nightmare. You’re drifting on a river, hot sun beating down on you, and you fancy a quick dip. You have two choices. Abandon your kayak and hope you can keep it close, or continue to overheat under the baking sun. Even on lakes your kayak isn’t safe. It can be moved […]

Best Kayaking Clothes

What to Wear when you’re Kayaking 2021

When you’re kayaking you’re going to want to be properly outfitted. Even when you’re on calm waters, there’s always the chance you can roll or fall in. Your best choice is to wear clothes that are either waterproof or dry quickly – but what specifically? Ideally you’ll need a full set of gear, tops, trousers, […]