Life out on the water is made so much sweeter when you have a decent kayak. Long hours sat in the cockpit are often made uncomfortable by ill-fitting seating and non-existent padding. Then there’s throwing your fishing equipment into the mix. Before you know it, all your time has been wasted fiddling with unsuitable components … Read more

Best Kayak Fish Finder in [year]

Anglers are always looking for the best fishing spots.Years ago, they had to rely on hearsay and other strategies to find the right spots. But today, a fish finder gives them the entire view underwater on a high-definition display. This is a breakthrough. If you want to take advantage of a kayak fish finder and … Read more

Best Kayak Depth Finder Battery [year]

A fish finder helps you find the right spots and explore wildlife. But it can’t work without a battery – and not all batteries are made equal. Batteries made with old school technology can leak poisonous materials and don’t work well. But don’t worry. We have curated the best kayak depth finder batteries for all … Read more