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Perception Pescador Pro 12 review

Perception Pescador Pro 12 Review [2020 Update]

Life out on the water is made so much sweeter when you have a decent kayak.

Long hours sat in the cockpit are often made uncomfortable by ill-fitting seating and non-existent padding. Then there’s throwing your fishing equipment into the mix. Before you know it, all your time has been wasted fiddling with unsuitable components that aren’t up to the job. The fish won’t bite, and your time is up.

So, let’s introduce you to the Perception Pescador Pro 12. It not only looks the part, but it also offers a stable, fishing experience on the water that you’ll struggle to find elsewhere.

With its unparalleled performance on the water matched with its innovative build quality, the Pro 12 is unrivalled. Great for exploring and paddling, as well as the hardcore kayaker who wants to spend hours on the water.

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Pescador Pro 12
144 Reviews
Pescador Pro 12
All purpose kayak for any adventurous explorer. Excellent on calm water but doesn't handle rough water well.

The hype is real

Durable and built with the long haul kayaker in mind, the Perception Pescador Pro 12 is a sit-on kayak that packs a punch. You can take it on smaller rivers and the open ocean with ease. The Pro 12’s dynamic design cuts through the water, all while keeping you stable and securely onboard.

With its stylish paintwork and comfy, adjustable seat you can raise yourself up for optimum casting or sit back and relax for a gentle paddle.


  • All-purpose kayak – great for fishing
  • Easy to manoeuvre in small bodies of water
  • Adjustable and comfortable seat
  • Large front and rear storage
  • Integrated accessory rails on each gunwale
  • Built-in buoyancy for extra safety


  • Heavy to carry
  • No pedal drive
  • No water seal hatch

How does the Pescador Pro 12 perform?

The Pro 12 has become an instant favourite in the kayaking community for its good tracking and manoeuvrability on the water. Spacious and comfortable seating make hours on your boat feel more enjoyable and less painful to your muscles. You can easily stretch out and move restless legs on the Pro 12.

Great at navigating rivers, flat-water lakes streams, ponds and coastlines, the Pro 12 is a go-to kayak. For the fishing enthusiast, the Pro 12 comes with three fishing rod attachments to give you the best chance for the day’s catch.

Built for the solo adventurer, the Pro 12 comes in at a lengthy 12 foot and can carry up to 375lbs. So you can pack enough gear for an overnight excursion and still have room to spare!

Due to its V-shaped hull, you can easily control the Pro 12 as you move through the water. The Pro 12 is not built to take on choppy conditions, so stick to slow-moving rivers, flat-water lakes and ponds. If you want to venture out onto the open ocean, stick to calmer conditions.

Design & Build

One of the most trusted names in the industry, Pescador are leading the way in kayak manufacturing. The Pro 12 is built using a high-grade polyethylene plastic that withstands the harsh conditions that Mother Nature throws at you while keeping your yak intact.

Designed as a one-piece construction, the Pro 12 excels at offering exceptional UV, impact and abrasion-resistance.

Worried about scuffs and scrapes along the shoreline? The innovative minds behind the Pro 12 got there first. Under the Pro 12’s base, you will find a replaceable skid plate to give you peace of mind when you are pulling your gear-heavy kayak onto the water.

The Pro 12 has been built to give you ultimate long-lasting performance with its saltwater-optimised stainless steel and brass hardware technology. So, you will encounter minimal corrosion and have a lasting relationship with your kayak!

Stability & Size

Usually, with larger vessels you will encounter limited manoeuvrability. This is where the Pro 12 shines. Coming in at 57 lbs, it’s not the lightest kayak on the market, but in terms of weight capacity, the Pro 12 can carry up to 375lbs! What’s more, the Pro 12 moves on the water like a dream.

Unhindered by what’s onboard, the Pro 12 effortlessly balances tracking and stability. With its creative use of storage, accessories and safety features, the Pro 12’s precise engineering utilises all of these elements to keep you safe and secure.

Although weighty, the Pro 12 is relatively easy to transport with its comfort-grip carry handles. Matched with the innovative skid-plate, dragging your Pro 12 over rough and rocky terrain won’t challenge your kayak’s well-made outer shell.

With built-in buoyancy, you can relax and sit back while navigating your favourite fishing spot.

Storage capabilities

Straight out of the hygge guidebook, the Pro 12 uses its onboard storage well. Utilising every space available for minimum usage, there’s a lot to like. With the multi-use rod holders – working as a part-time paddle holder as well as allowing you to fish – the Pro 12 is well-thought out.

Dry storage seems to be where the Pro 12 fails, but only slightly. You will find a small hatch in front of the seat and behind, that offers enough space for you to store your small valuables. So keeping your phone, keys and GPS safe and secure will be no problem.

Behind the seat, you will find a spacious cargo deck. Here you can secure your bags and larger items with the useful bungee cords. Beneath the bow, you can store smaller gear with the handy mesh cover to protect your items.

If you like to keep your coffee close to hand, you can use the onboard cup holder to keep your caffeine levels where they should be throughout the day!

You will notice that the Pro 12 is built around the pivotal centre console. Here you can attach your handy digital devices, such as a GPS or fishfinder. There is also a convenient tackle box storage area, as well as a foot long gear track as an added bonus.

Kayak in comfort

We’ve all be there; sitting for hours upon end, waiting for the fish to bite before we even begin to think about how stiff and painful our muscles feel.

Not being able to stretch your legs can make time out on your yak, one of the most uncomfortable experiences. So, get yourself a kayak that offers a comfortable seat!

The clever bods behind the Pescador Pro 12 know that comfort is as paramount to design perfection as everything else. Featuring an adjustable stadium-style mesh seat and seatback, the Pro 12 allows you to sit however you feel most comfortable. Whether that be upright and ready to take on the water, or in a more relaxed pedalling position, the Pro 12 lets you move the seat to where you want it. If you want to move and stretch your legs out while out on the water, you can simply remove the seat.

Boosting your comfort to the next level, the Pro 12 also sports well-placed footrests. So you can get the support you need to paddle with ease or to sit and wait for your next catch.

Versatile & Adaptable

It’s easy to assume that the Pro 12 was simply designed just for fishing purposes. It certainly does pack a punch when it comes to angling accessories and convenience. Still, the Pro 12 is as versatile as a kayak can get.

With good traction and manoeuvrability on anything from slow-moving rivers to calm seas, the Pro 12 is a solid all-rounder. So if you want to have a leisurely paddle, the Pro 12 is more than fit for the purpose. Want to enjoy an overnight fishing trip? Then the Pro 12 is worth a look.

Easy to repair and with recyclable parts, the Pro 12 is leading the pack. With its innovative, long-lasting design and stylish paint job, it’s a yak for the serious adventurer as well as the novice angler.

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