Top 10 Best Kayaks for Dogs [year]

If you have a dog, you know how fun it is to play with them.

One thing that you can do with dogs is kayaking.

After all, they also crave that refreshing vibe of the outdoors.

This is why we have curated the best kayaks for dogs that you can buy.

We weighed each kayak on many features such as build quality, comfort, performance, customizability and more.

So here are our top picks:

Perception Pescador Pro 12

Riot Escape 9Perception Pescador Pro 12 is one of the best kayaks for dogs you can buy. It is not only good for your dog, it will do wonders for you. If you, by any chance, are into fishing, this kayak will allow you to take your game to pro level. In fact, that is where the “Pro” in the name comes from.

Whether you want to use it for recreation or fishing, the Pescador Pro 12 will amaze you.

The kayak is made with high-density polyethylene material to make it strong and durable. This HDPE material can resist impact from external objects like rocks and submerged trees on water. It is also constructed as a single piece of polyethylene using a roto-molding method.

This ensures that the final product is leak proof. This material also provides UV protection, so the kayak won’t fade, peel or crack due to exposure to the sun while paddling. However, you should still not leave the kayak out in the sun idle for too long since the material may get hot and be prone to getting dents under impact.

It comes with a skid plate on the bottom of the hull, so that you can drag it on the ground without causing any damage. The material is also optimized for ocean and saltwater, so that it doesn’t get damaged due to corrosion. It is also made for high buoyancy so that the boat doesn’t capsize easily.

The kayak comes with a Pro seat that has two-way adjustment for you to be able to always find a comfortable position. The seat has breathable mesh material on the bottom and the back, so that you stay dry and cool even when riding for long hours. We like that the seat can be elevated to paddle from a higher level. The elevated position is also better for photography, or casting and reeling when you are fishing. We like that the seat is also removable, which helps with the transportation and storage of the yak.

In front of the seats are quick-adjust footrests that help you fit in no matter what your height or inseam is.

There is plenty of storage space, so you can bring beverage coolers, fish crates and other types of gear. There are two spacious tank wells both in the front and the rear. The front tank well is covered with a mesh net that helps secure small and big items. The rear tank well is secured with bungee cord riggings, so it allows you to keep bigger items. The kayak also comes with a cup holder that allows you to keep a beverage and stay refreshed over long periods of time.

There is also a small space for dry storage that allows you to keep items like a phone, waller or car keys safe from contact with water. But you can’t use it to store large items. There are two dry storage hatches in total – one in front of the seat, one behind the seat.

The kayak is not just for recreation, you can do much more with it since it comes with many options to add accessories. There are integrated accessory rails on each side which can be used to add accessories like fishing rod holders, fish finders, transducers and so on. It also comes with room to  keep batteries and wires tucked away.

The kayak comes with two integrated fishing rod holders so that you can have a stable, hands free platform to cast and reel in. Many users complained that the rod holders are not really good for holding rods. This is a bit disappointing as you will likely need to install your own rod holders that actually work.

The good thing about the Pescador Pro 12 is that it performs really well on water. It is easy to handle and responds promptly to each paddle stroke. Its stability allows you to cruise on water and have a relaxing time away from the hustle and bustle of regular life. Since it is very stable, you can get in and out of it without worrying that it will tip over.

When you have a dog with you, stability is a major factor to check because you don’t want the dog to slip off the kayak. Since there is a lot of space for passengers, your dog will love this kayak. It can accommodate a whopping 375 lbs of weight, which is amazing for one paddler and a dog. You can even bring a lot of cargo with this weight capacity.

The kayak is not too heavy but not exactly lightweight either. It weighs 64 lbs. so depending on your physical strength, you may or may not be able to carry it on your own. On the positive side, the kayak isn’t bulky at all, so one can easily carry it using the provided carry handles.

Overall, the Perception Pescador Pro 12 is a great kayak for a dog because of its large storage space and superior stability. Apart from the stupid rod holders, everything else about the kayak is just awesome. The lawn chair style seating allows you to cruise and relax, or elevate it for fishing. Things like this make the Pescador Pro 12 one of the well-engineered kayaks.


  • Solid build quality
  • Excellent stability
  • Lots of space for paddler and a dog
  • Massive weight capacity
  • Plenty of storage space
  • Dry storage available
  • Adjustable footrests
  • Super comfortable and adjustable seat
  • Removable seat
  • Tank well with mesh cover
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Tracks really well
  • Rails on either side to mount additional accessories


  • Rod holders are almost useless
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Lifetime Manta Tandem Sit on Top Kayak with Backrests, 10 Feet

Riot Escape 9Lifetime Manta Tandem sit on top kayak is one of the best options for those looking for a kayak for paddling with their dogs. The kayak can accommodate a total of three passengers, two on main seats and one small passenger (e.g. your dog) on the smaller center molded-in seat. Apart from its large seating capacity, it has many useful features that make it worthy of a mention in this guide.

Since it has a large seating capacity, it can be used as a family boat too. The one thing you will love about the Lifetime Manta is its stability. It will take a gigantic amount of effort to tip it over. This makes it good for riding with dogs since it will stay stable even if they move around or try to rock the boat.

Although it accommodates up to three persons, it can also be used as a solo kayak. To convert it into solo, just move the seat to the middle using the adjustment straps. When paddling solo, the kayak shows amazing stability. You even jump out for a quick swim and get back in with its open cockpit design.

The boat has a large width which keeps it really stable when it is at rest on water. So you and your dog can easily get in and out of it. The large and open cockpit design also helps with it.

The kayak is made with linear low-density polyethylene material. This LLDPE material has enormous flexibility that allows it to withstand any impact that could come from collision with objects like rocks or submerged trees. LLDPE has a lot of tensile strength, in fact it has higher impact strength than HDPE material that we see on almost all hard shell kayaks in this price segment.

The material is also UV-protected, so the kayak won’t fade, peel or crack due to exposure to the sun while you paddle for long hours out on the water. Its tunnel hull design makes it stable and allows it to carry up to 500 lbs. of weight.

The kayak tracks well on water, so you can maneuver it easily without struggling to keep it moving in a straight line. However, when riding in waves, it tends to track okay but not really well, which is a bummer. You will need to add one or two skegs to solve this issue.

There are two cup holders to keep your beverages and help you stay refreshed. Since the boat is wide, it adds to its stability but affects its speed. The kayak is best suited for lakes, ponds and slow-moving rivers. It can not tackle choppy waters, ocean swells or rapids.

In front of each seat are multiple footwells that help paddlers of all sizes to fit in. They also allow you to paddle with a more stable stance. The backrests are comfortable, but note that there is no padding on the seat bottom – they are molded in. So you may want to add a seat cushion. The backrests can be removed for efficient storage. The kayak features high and dry seating that allows paddlers to sit high off the floor. This gives a better angle for fishing too.

There is shock cord rigging in the front to hold some cargo. Although there are no tank wells or dry storage hatches, you can keep stuff in boxes or dry bags since there is a lot of space inside the cockpit. It also has ditty trays to secure loose items.

If you are up for it, you can drill and build a dry hatch into the hull yourself since there is a lot of space near the front cup holder.

The Manta comes with two paddles that are symmetric and 7 feet long. They come with vinyl grips, drip cups and interior foam for flotation. There is a push button that allows you to set the blades at a 90-degree angle. In front of each seat, there is a paddle rest too.

The kayak comes with scupper holes so that it can automatically drain accumulated water out. It helps keep you dry and enjoy the ride. There is a molded carry handle in the front that allows you to carry the kayak. It also has padded carry handles on the sides that allow you to carry it without any hassles. The kayak weighs 66 lbs., but you may be able to carry it on your own. If you are not that physically strong and plan to kayak without another adult paddler, you can take a kayak cart to transport it from the car to the shore.

What helps with transportation is that the Manta is short at just 10 ft. in length. Since it is not that long, you can fit it in the back of your truck in most cases. The kayak is also customizable – you can add the Lifetime Power Mate Motor to it. This helps you add a trolling motor to the kayak and enjoy a relaxing day at the lake without having to paddle!

See it in action here:

For your peace of mind, the company provides a 5 year limited warranty. For more details, you can check out Lifetime’s official product page.

Overall, the Lifetime Manta Tandem is a great kayak for dogs. It has superior stability and large space. The kayak can fit two adults and a dog easily and still stay stable. If you have a big dog, it will be especially good because of its large space.


  • Solid build quality
  • Superior stability
  • 2 adults + 1 child/pet capacity
  • 500 lbs. Capacity
  • UV protection
  • Paddles included
  • Molded multiple footrests
  • Multiple carry handles
  • Compact length for easy storage and transportation
  • Elevated seating keeps you dry
  • Self-bailing scupper holes
  • Solo or tandem paddling
  • Can add trolling motor


  • No ready-to-use, dedicated storage space
  • Slow because of its width
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Sevylor Coleman Colorado 2-Person Fishing Kayak

Riot Escape 9Sevylor Coleman Colorado is an amazing kayak which you should consider if you are looking for a kayak for dogs. It is an inflatable kayak, so it is naturally lightweight and portable. But it is also sturdy and durable. Don’t worry, your dog won’t be able to damage it with its nails.

The Coleman Colorado is made with 18-gauge PVC material, a 1000D tarpaulin bottom and 840D nylon cover. The material is strong enough and doesn’t easily give in to punctures or abrasions. The boat has multiple air chambers that not only give it structural strength but also ensure that the yak stays afloat even if one of the chambers gets punctured. There are two side chambers and one big floor chamber.

The kayak has an airtight system, in which all seams are enforced to ensure it does not leak anywhere. Note that this is a 2-person kayak, so you can either paddle with a buddy or you can bring your dog.

The Coleman Colorado comes with features we rarely see in an inflatable kayak. It comes with Berkley quick set rod holders that allow you to enjoy a hands-free fishing experience. They are also adjustable so that you can cast from the most effective angle.

It comes with fittings for a trolling motor also. So you can customize it to move on autopilot and focus on just cruising and fishing yourself.

There are study paddle holders that allow you to stow the paddles when not in use.

The kayak comes with boston valves for easy inflation. Boston valves are one-way valves that allow air to only flow in one direction. So during inflation, air can’t escape and during deflation, it can’t get in.

One downside is that the kayak does not come with an air pump. However, you can get a 12V pump yourself. If the pump you buy has a PSI gauge, it is even better because you can fill air to an accurate pressure reading using it. However, the boat comes with a PSI gauge, so no big deal if the pump doesn’t have it.

Some users even bought a 12v air compressor. It helped them pair it with their car battery to get the kayak set up in 15 minutes.

Always make sure to add the tracking fin to the bottom of the kayak before you start inflating it.

The kayak moves almost effortlessly in lakes, ponds and slow-moving rivers. It takes a whole lot more effort to keep it going in strong currents and choppy waters. But it is still doable. It is very stable. In fact, one user mentioned how their dog was jumping over the side to swim, yet it didn’t feel tippy at all. It will be a nice getaway for you and the dog.

Note that the kayak is wide and tall, so you will need long paddles to go with it. They should be around 96 inches at least. It doesn’t track as well as some of the other kayaks, like the Sea Eagle 370 Pro. It tracks okay with the fin, enough to do the job. You wouldn’t dare take it in strong currents or strong winds – it would be hard to handle.

There is a lot of space on the kayak. Even if you are over 6 feet, you will feel comfortable. The boat has mesh storage pockets on the sides that allow you to store small items like snacks and beverages. You can stay refreshed while paddling for long hours on the water. The seats also have pockets on the back to keep small items. You can also clip multiple storage bags to keep your gear and supplies. It comes with D-rings to help you attach multiple items.

The seating is such that you stay in a high and dry position. This protects you from waves breaking onto the kayak and keeps you dry.  There are handles in the middle that let you carry the kayak on your own. Since it is lightweight – 41 lbs. when inflated – you can easily carry it on your shoulders.

The kayak is easy to set up and take down. However, you do have to rinse and dry it before you can fold it. Rinsing becomes crucial when the kayak goes through saltwater. To dry it you have to keep it out in the sun, but doing so can have a negative effect on its seam over a period of time. Therefore, you shouldn’t leave it for too long out in the sun. However, the good thing about the Coleman Colorado is that you can store all of it in a carry bag and wear it like a backpack.

We would have liked to see a drain valve, so that any water that tends to accumulate inside would flow out easily. This also makes the kayak easy to dry.

Overall, the Sevylor Coleman Colorado is a solid kayak that can be absolutely reliable with a few tweaks. It glides smoothly on calm and slow-moving waters, has lots of space for you, the dog and some gear, is super stable and highly portable.


  • Good build quality
  • Lots of space
  • High and dry seating
  • Two-person capacity
  • Carry handles
  • Adjustable seats
  • Multiple air chambers
  • Rod holders for fishing
  • Trolling motor fittings included
  • Paddle holders
  • Boston valves for quick inflation
  • Mesh storage pockets and D-rings
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to set up


  • Rod holders come in the way while paddling
  • Back support on the seats isn’t good
  • Catches the wind too much, because of its high profile
  • Tracking could be improved
  • No drain plug
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Sea Eagle 370 Pro 3 Person Inflatable

Riot Escape 9If you are considering buying an inflatable kayak for your dog, Sea Eagle 370 Pro is the best you can buy.

Sea Eagle 370 not just glides smoothly through water, it is also amazing when it comes to comfort and other features.

Being an inflatable, the 370 Pro is quite lightweight when it is set up. In fact, it weighs just 32 lbs, so you can carry it on your shoulders without any hassle. But just because it is lightweight doesn’t mean it isn’t heavy duty. In fact, the kayak is more heavy duty than some of the hard shells – it can carry up to a whopping 650 lbs. of weight.

It can hold up to 3 adult paddlers with this capacity since most single paddler kayaks come with around 250 lb. capacity. With this much space on board, you can rest assured that your dog will love it!

There are many reasons the Sea Eagle 370 Pro can give hard shell kayaks a run for their money. First, it is not just good for lakes and slow-moving rivers, it can also handle choppy waters, rapids and ocean swells.

Even if you may not want to navigate such rough waters with your dog on board, it always comes in handy when you want to have an adventurous ride by yourself. This Sea Eagle can tackle even Class III rapids, with waves as high as four feet.

Its stability is impressive, you won’t have to worry about your dog rocking the boat or shifting to the side. You can safely ride it in mild waves without ever making your dog uncomfortable. The material is sturdy so it won’t take any damage from the dog scratching it with its nails.

It is good that the company provides two skegs to add to the bottom of the yak. They help it move straight. If you aren’t familiar, most inflatable kayaks struggle to track straight without skegs. So good that the company took care of it.

Directional stability attained through the skegs also helps the yak move fast through water. When used as a solo, tracking may suffer a bit. But you can sit far behind in the kayak to have better tracking.

Users love how comfortable the Sea Eagle 370 Pro is. Its thick inflatable seats with firm backrests allow you to stay comfortable for long hours on the water. The seating is designed such that the center of gravity is higher than other kayaks. This makes the kayak deal better with waves and winds. Another thing to note is that when it goes through waves, it does not take on water. Instead, its body bends and goes over the wave.

The seats are also designed for utility. Behind each seat is a pocket to keep your stuff. You can keep things like a wallet, phone or car keys. But make sure you put them in a dry bag to keep them safe from water. The pockets have a quick-snap button to open and close them.

You also get paddles with the yak. The paddles are 7’10” long. They come with asymmetric blades and an aluminum shaft. They work well with the kayak, helping you make each maneuver and each paddle stroke effectively. The paddles are collapsible, so you can store them easily with the deflated kayak in a duffle bag or a carry bag.

The kayak comes with everything you need to get started. You get an air pump, a repair patch kit and an inflation chart. The air pump is manual, not electric but works really well. You can get started within minutes using the air pump. The repair patch kit is effective to patch the kayak when any puncture occurs or when you need to repair a part of the surface. The inflation chart lets you fill the yak to accurate air pressure.

The kayak comes with a drain plug so that any water that gets inside the kayak gets out. Without it, you would be sitting in a pool of water in the middle of nowhere and would have to abort your ride to empty the kayak.

Since the kayak is lightweight, it is highly portable. You can take it down and keep it in a bag with all its components. This also makes it good enough to take it with you on a plane.

The  Eagle 370 Pro is easy to set up. With the supplied pump, you can get started within 10-15 minutes. Just make sure the inflation caps are secured when you set it up.

Taking it down is easy too. Use the drain plug to remove water and then dry it up using towels and sponges.

There is one design flaw that you need to be aware about. The fishing rod holders tend to get in the way while paddling. Make sure you clip them in because they fall out easily.

Another downside is that the seat backrests aren’t that firm and may not be able to support you. Some users even installed a stadium seat on top of the inflatable one to resolve this issue.

Overall, the Sea Eagle 370 Pro is everything you want in a kayak. It is spacious and rugged enough to bring your dog and is a joy to ride on the water. It holds value and maintains the air pressure even after years of use.


  • Solid build quality
  • Durable
  • Comfortable with thick inflated seats
  • Accommodates up to three people, solo option
  • Stable
  • Tracks straight, comes with two skegs
  • Collapsible paddles included
  • Can tackle choppy waters, waves and winds
  • Easy assembly and take down
  • Lots of space
  • Drain plug for self-bailing


  • Inflation using manual pump may take time getting used to
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Ocean Kayak Malibu Two Tandem Sit-On-Top

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Wilderness Systems PUNGO 120 | Sit Inside Recreational Kayak

Riot Escape 9Wilderness Systems Pungo is a high-quality kayak for dogs. If you don’t want a cheap, unreliable kayak that will not last a long time, the Pungo is a great option for you. It is a sit-inside kayak, so the cockpit covers your legs. It is best suited for small to medium sized paddlers, so if you are very tall, this is not meant for you. You can go for the Pungo 140 recreational kayak instead since it has more space and speed.

The Pungo 120 features a rather open cockpit for a sit-inside style of kayak. So you can get in and out of the kayak easily. Since there is a lot of space inside, you can bring your dog too. In fact, you can remove the front dashboard to make space for your child or a dog. This is just brilliant as it brings a lot of versatility and utility to the kayak. The kayak can support up to 325 lbs. of weight, which accommodates one adult, one dog or child and a lot of camping or fishing gear on board.

One of the cool things about this kayak is the Phase 3 Air Pro seat. This isn’t like those ordinary mesh seats you see on most kayaks. It is well-engineered with ergonomic design to support your lower back all the way to your shoulders. It is fully adjustable, so whether you want to lean back or forward, you can always find a comfortable position.

The Phase 3 Air Pro seats are known to be super comfortable. You can adjust the seat back and bottom separately. In fact, if you suffer from joint or back pain, these seats will be a godsend for you.

The seat has adjustable lumbar support and thigh rise adjustments. The seat has honeycomb vents and mesh covered fabric that make it highly breathable. In front of the seat is the Slidelock XL foot brace system that allows you to adjust the foot braces to suit your inseam. This allows paddlers of all sizes to fit in and feel comfortable.

The kayak is quite long at 12 feet 2 inches which gives it enormous speed. It is also 29 inches wide. Add to this its rugged build and you’ve got a boat that has both speed and stability. Its speed is impressive, it glides through water smoothly, allowing you to relax and enjoy the view with your dog. It is easy to maneuver, responds quickly to each paddle stroke and allows you to navigate through narrow passages and around submerged rocks or trees rather easily.

When the water is clear, you can move fast maintaining a constant glide. It is fast given its long design. It tracks well on calm and slow moving waters. So you can take it in lakes, ponds, rivers and calm coastal bays. Note that the kayak sits low in water, so when you are paddling through waves or chops, it can take a lot of water. The kayak is wider than other similar kayaks, so you will need a longer paddle to effectively maneuver it. We recommend a paddle around 96 inches long.

The Pungo yak also comes with a dashboard in the front that allows you to enjoy the ride. The dashboard has a removable drybox, two cup holders, SlideTrax that can hold cell phone mounts, fishing rods and other accessories. It also has two customizable mounting platforms where you can add accessories and customize the kayak the way you want.

The yak also has a recess or empty space in which you can store a lithium battery to power any electronics you carry with you. There is a dry storage hatch in the rear that allows you to keep things like cameras, waller or car keys safely stored in dry condition. It is good that the company made the storage hatch large, so you can store bigger items too, unlike in most kayaks.

Despite being a heavy-duty boat, it weighs a modest 49 lbs. This means you will be able to carry it on your own without any help. It also comes with removable skid plates so that you can drag it on the ground without causing any damage.

The best thing about the Wilderness Systems Pungo 120 is that it is fast yet stable. It allows you to have fun while keeping you comfortable in the Phase 3 AirPro seat. If you are slightly bigger in size, you can leave the dashboard home and keep your valuables in dry storage bags.

Overall, the Wilderness Systems Pungo is well-built, fast, stable and fun. Sure it is not meant for rough waters, but it provides a smooth ride on calm and slow-moving waters. It surpasses most kayaks when it comes to comfort, thanks to the Phase 3 AirPro seat. And its removable dashboard makes enough space for you and your dog.


  • Heavy duty construction
  • Superior comfort with Phase 3 AirPro seat
  • Dashboard for storage and accessory mounts
  • Dashboard removable for added space
  • Tracks well on calm waters
  • Good maneuverability
  • Recess for a lithium battery
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Spacious cockpit, easy entry and exit
  • Massive 325 lb. capacity for a single-person yak
  • Fast yet stable
  • Dry storage hatch


  • Not for rough or choppy waters
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Intex Excursion Pro Kayak Professional Series Inflatable

Riot Escape 9If you want a high-performing reliable kayak for the long-term, you should consider the Intex Excursion Pro. It has enough space for you and your dog to sit comfortably. But it has a lot of other features that make it one of the best inflatable kayaks out there.

The Excursion Pro has a rugged construction – it is made with tough PVC polyester core with an I-beam floor that gives it structural strength. The material makes the boat strong but also lightweight – a feature hard shell kayaks can’t brag about. It can accommodate a massive 400 lbs. of weight. Well, massive for a single-person kayak, not so much in this case since it is a tandem kayak. However, this is good enough for you to ride with your dog.

There are three air chambers, so the boat won’t swamp if either of them gets punctured. They also allow the boat to carry a lot of weight on board. Its 3-ply construction allows it to withstand all kinds of impact and maintain its physical integrity even when exposed to salt water.

Unlike many other inflatables, the Excursion Pro comes with a high output inflation pump. This ensures that you are able to inflate the boat fast. The air chambers have high pressure spring loaded valves that allow for quick and easy inflation.

To help it move in a straight line, the kayak comes with two detachable skegs. It is recommended that you inflate the kayak only after attaching the skegs. Once the skegs are attached, you can easily ride the kayak over deep as well as shallow waters.

The Excursion Pro features two comfortable bucket seats that keep you comfortable for long hours on the water. The seats are adjustable and the backrests feel firm enough to support you through long hours. The seat bottom feels soft because of the thickness and

In front of the seats are two floor mounted footrests that allow paddlers of all sizes to fit in. Not all inflatable kayaks come with footrests, so this is a huge plus. Of course, the footrests can be adjusted according to your height.

One of the most innovative features we have seen in a kayak is the Excursion Pro’s seat booster. It allows you to elevate the seat or lower it as per your preferences. The seats can be firmly locked in place using the seat buckles on the sides. This ensures that you get a firm back support and don’t get sore while paddling for long hours.

The seat comes with a drain plug, so that any water that tends to accumulate inside goes easily out of the kayak. This is an important feature that paddlers use before taking the kayak down. It also ensures that you are not sitting in a pool of water in the middle of nowhere when waves fill the cockpit with water.

The Excursion Pro has impressive stability. At no point will you feel that it is going to tip over. You can easily get in and out, may even jump for a swim if the weather allows. Even if your dog moves to the side or tries to rock the boat, it won’t feel tippy. This is the beauty of Excursion Pro.

With two skegs underneath, the kayak offers a lot of maneuverability. It responds to each paddle stroke and allows you to navigate through narrow passages between rocks and tree branches. You can make turns or move it in reverse – all maneuvers are at your disposal.

The aluminum paddles that come with the kayak are not durable. They are good to start out with, but not for the long-term. We recommend buying quality aftermarket paddles for a better paddling experience. The good thing is that the stock paddles are collapsible, which helps with storage.

The kayak is easy to put together and the whole process takes 10-15 minutes. It comes with everything you need for the set up including the kayak itself, an air pump, inflatable seats, removable skegs and paddles.

Unlike other yaks, the Excursion Pro comes with a pressure gauge that allows you to measure the air pressure while inflating the various kayak chambers. This helps inflate to an accurate air pressure level, which is crucial for safety and performance.

The Excursion Pro busts all the myths associated with an inflatable kayak – it is stable, easy to maneuver and durable. You can try to tip it all you want – it won’t give in too quick. It will go through waves without losing balance and move forward even through winds or strong currents.

The kayak is not small by any means. But it is very portable, given that it is inflatable. So no need of a roof rack or a kayak cart. Put everything in a carry bag and you are good to go.

A feature we rarely see in inflatables is there in the Excursion Pro – it allows you to add an anchor. Whether you want to park the kayak in a “hot” spot to click some pictures, sit back and relax, or to catch some fishes, this feature will come in handy for those who want to explore the waters.

Overall, the Intex Excursion Pro proves that inflatable yaks aren’t always dull or incompetent. Its performance rivels many expensive hard shells and the innovative features make it a treat for passionate paddlers. Since it is a tandem yak with lots of space on board, it is perfect to take your dog along.


  • Solid build quality
  • Booster seat for next-level adjustability
  • Pressure gauge for inflation
  • Tracks well, maneuverable, stable
  • Adjustable footrests
  • 400 lbs. Capacity
  • Two skegs for improved tracking
  • Easy to set up
  • Drain valve
  • Attachment point for anchor
  • Comes with necessary tools and accessories


  • Stock paddles are not low-quality
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Vanhunks Voyager Deluxe Kayak 12ft (Blue)

Riot Escape 9What makes the Vanhunks Voyager Deluxe stand out from other kayaks it offers superior comfort with its uniquely designed seats. But there is a lot more to it.

The Voyager Deluxe is well-built. It is made from 5mm polyethylene material that is resistant to impact from external objects including rocks and submerged trees. So it protects the kayak against abrasions, dents or scratches. It is also UV resistant, which means the boat won’t fade, peel or crack due to exposure to the sun.

But just because it is UV resistant, you shouldn’t keep it in the sun for a long time. This can make it hot, too flexible and prone to bending or getting dents.

The kayak is robust, it can support a massive 550 lbs. of weight. For two paddlers and a child or a pet, this is decent. If you are big and heavy, there are kayaks that can support as much as 800 lbs. The kayak arrives in a thick wrapping that secures it well and prevents any scratches, which is an added layer of protection by Vanhunks.

We like the sit on top, open cockpit design of the Voyage Deluxe. It allows you to not only make yourself and your dog comfortable, but also get in and out with ease. This is a multi-purpose kayak so you can use it for touring as well as fishing. The kayak is quite long at 12 feet, which also makes it spacious and roomy. You can paddle with another adult on board and a dog or a child too.

Although it is a tandem, you can also use it as a solo kayak. Doing so would require a little bit of tweaking. The seat is too far in the front, so paddling solo may put a lot of weight forward. To even it out, you can put a bag of pool salt in the rear.

If there is one thing the Vanhunks Voyager has mastered, it is comfort. It comes with uniquely designed aluminum seats that take comfort to a whole new level. The seats come with adjustable rigging for reclined or upright positioning and breathable mesh. They have a great back support that soothes your lower back and provides a firm support for long hours on the water. The stock seats come with breathable mesh material that keeps your dry and cool over long rides. If you want, you can also buy the padded adjustable seat from Vanhunks official site. This will give you two seating options.

The seat is elevated so that you can enjoy a high and dry seating position. It ensures you are not sitting in a puddle of water when waves crash over the kayak. The seats are removable too. So you can use them to camp on the beach and make your days memorable.

Many customers reported how the seats are more comfortable than any other kayak seats they have tried. This makes them especially good for the elderly or people with back or joint pain.

In front of both seats, there are molded footrests that allow paddlers of all heights to feel comfortable and fit in. Since the boat is long, there is enough space to stretch your legs and make yourself comfortable.

You can also buy the option seats with lower elevation. The lower seats allow you to move through waves and chops without taking on a lot of water since less body surface is exposed.

Another area where the Vanhunk Deluxe excels is storage. It comes with two dry storage hatches, one in front of each seat, that allow you to keep items safe from water. The boat comes with a tank well in the rear with bungee rigging to secure your gear. Similarly, there is some space in the front that can hold your gear secured by bungee cords. The front storage space is not molded in in the form of a tank well, but rather a recess left by default. You can bring a cooler full of drinks, fish crates and other supplies without worrying about going over the weight limit.

The Vanhunks Voyage is stable on water, you can try to tip it over but it won’t tip easily. This is good for bringing dogs, since you don’t want them riding in an unstable yak. The kayak tracks well on

The kayak tracks well on water, it is able to move in a straight line without any hints of struggle. It comes with two aluminum paddles, that are adjustable and collapsible. Carry handles on the sides allow you to transport it easily. However, it weighs 77 lbs, so it is not lightweight and may need a kayak cart to carry it on the ground.

It comes with options to add fishing accessories. It has four fishing rod holders – two swivel rod holders and two molded in rod holders. There are eight scupper holes to drain water out of the kayak and keep you dry. In front of each seat, there is a cup holder to keep beverages accessible and stay refreshed. The rear cup holder, however, is blocked by the rear seat – a design flaw we didn’t expect to see in such a quality kayak.

There are eight D-rings that help you hook your gear securely. As you can see, there is plenty of storage space in this kayak. It is worth noting that the kayak has high-quality fittings including marine grade stainless steel bolts and brass inserts. You can rest assured knowing that the kayak will last a long time.

Remember that you can add the seats with lower seat heights to lower its center of gravity and increase its stability. This can help with its performance too.

Overall, the Voyager is for those who want a well-built, versatile kayak with lots of space and customizability for fishing. It is meant for calm and slow moving waters, which is what most dog owners would want to use the kayak on.


  • Superb build quality
  • Tracks well in calm water
  • Stable and easy to maneuver
  • Superior seats with unparalleled comfort
  • Good for people with back or joint pain
  • High and low seat options
  • Lots of storage space
  • Dry storage hatches, tankwells, D-rings
  • Molded multiple footrests
  • Fishing rod holders
  • Carry handles
  • Cup holders


  • Doesn’t do well on choppy waters
  • Rear cup holder is blocked by seat design
  • Heavy, single paddler can’t carry it
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Sevylor Quikpak K1 1-Person Kayak

Riot Escape 9Sevylor Quikpak K1 1-person kayak is a great kayak for dogs for those on a budget. With thousands of positive reviews on the internet, the Quikpak K1 shows how to do it on a shoestring budget. The entire kayak can be deflated and folded down into a backpack. You can literally wear it like a backpack, so its portability is off the charts.

The Quikpak K1 is made from 21-gauge PVC material with tarpaulin construction on the bottom. The material is solid and doesn’t get dents due to impact from external objects such as rocks, boulders or trees. Despite being an entry-level yak, it comes with five air chambers – yes, you read that right! Multiple chambers keep it afloat when any single one of them pops out.

On a serious note, some users experienced issues with the seams in the first few months of using it. Some had seams ripping out in the seats, others noticed leakage coming from one of the seams. This shows that it is not really durable, but an option for those trying to get into kayaking or perhaps who need a spare kayak.

It can support a massive 400 lbs. of weight. So you can easily fit your dog and some gear. The kayak is easy to set up. With an air pump, you can get started in just five minutes.

It comes with bungee rigging in the front to store any gear. You can keep food and cargo there for staying refreshed through long hours on the water. The seat offers good back support and the seat bottom feels comfortable. It comes with a paddle but not good quality. Paddle is collapsible, so you can store it all in the backpack. There is also a cup holder to keep a beverage handy.

It has multiple footrests molded in the floor, which allow paddlers of all sizes to fit inside. It comes with an open cockpit, so getting in and out is easy. It also has a lot of space for your dog to stay comfortable.

The kayak comes with a high output air pump too, which is a treat at this budget. It helps you inflate the boat within a few minutes. However, if it was up to us, we would remove the pump from the package and spend the money on better build quality.

It comes with two skegs which help with tracking. But its tracking takes time getting used to, it isn’t smooth. On the bright side, the skegs keep the sideways bobbing and weaving under check. Despite modest tracking, the kayak is easy to maneuver and moves promptly with each paddle stroke. Its stability is impressive. Your dog can rock it and it won’t feel tippy at all. This stability also comes from the large width of the yak.

You can even connect the kayak to another boat to have some fun. Your dog will also enjoy tubing as you sit back, relax and take in the amazing view of nature in front of you.

Lastly, it is the most portable inflatable yak we have seen. The whole thing folds up into its integrated backpack with padded shoulder straps that feel comfortable. It comes with a lift handle that allows you to carry the yak over shallow water and in and out of the water.

Overall, the Sevylor Quikpak-1 is for those who want a fun and spacious kayak that can help you navigate slow-moving waters, lakes and ponds. If you want something for the long-term or want something for rough waters, you should look somewhere else.


  • Affordable
  • Stable
  • Decent handling
  • Spacious for you and your dog
  • Comes with collapsible paddle
  • High pressure air pump included
  • Bungee rigging for food and gear storage
  • Multiple footrests
  • Impressive 400 lbs. capacity
  • Folds into a backpack


  • Tracking is average
  • Not durable
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Pelican Sit-in Kayak-10 Feet Argo 100x Lightweight one Person Kayak

Riot Escape 9When you buy from Pelican, you buy quality. And the Argo 100x is no different. It is one of the sturdiest kayaks with a unique hull design for better performance than its peers.

The kayak is made with Pelican’s patented Ram X material that is strong and durable. Ram-X is itself made of high molecular weight polyethylene, which is basically one of the strongest thermoplastics out there. This material is used to make things lightweight yet sturdy.

It features Twin Arched Multi Chine Hull to give superior levels of stability on the water. Despite being a heavy-duty construction, the kayak just weighs 36 lbs. So you can carry it on your own without a kayak cart or needing someone’s help.

The Argo 100x comes with an ergoform seat with padded backrest and cushion. It gives you good back support and also offers a lot of cushion in the seat bottom for longer rides. The seat can be adjusted using the straps on the sides.

The kayak has lots of storage space. Despite being a sit-in kayak, its cockpit is open and spacious. So you can sit comfortably with your dog and get in or out easily. There is a storage tank well in the front with mesh deck cover to keep your gear secured. There is a second bottle holder built in the seat to keep you refreshed for long hours of paddling.

It is also relatively short at just 10 feet of length, so you can easily fit it inside the back of most cars and trucks. It maneuvers well on lakes, ponds and slow-moving rivers. It is stable and does not feel tippy at any point. Note that the hull is not designed for white water or rapids.

The thing with short kayaks is that they tend to track poorly. But not the Argo 100x. It does well on calm and slow-moving waters, which is where you’d ideally go with a dog. We wouldn’t take it on choppy waters or in strong winds. The kayak maintains a smooth glide on calm and slow-moving waters, which is good for having a fun time with your dog.

Since it is short, it can turn on a dime. This allows you to move around objects such as rocks or submerged trees. Going through narrow passages becomes a breeze given that you have decent paddling skills.

It comes with many utility features that make it user-friendly. A bottle holder allows you to keep beverages handy. Carrying handles on the bow and the stern allow you to carry it from the car to the shore and back. There is a drain plug that allows you to easily remove any water that tends to accumulate inside the kayak.

The kayak is lightweight, but can still support 275 lbs. of weight, which is decent for an adult paddler and a dog. In addition, you can also bring some gear and supplies. The yak comes with multiple footrests so that paddlers of all sizes can fit in. In the product description, footrests are described as adjustable which is a bit misleading. Multiple footrests are molded-in, so not adjustable. The footrests are at a distance of about 5 inches, so if your feet size is in between, you will struggle with it.

If you want adjustable footrests, check with retailers around your location. Some retailers sell the yak with adjustable footrests.

Note that the kayak doesn’t come with a paddle although it is not exactly cheap. Nor does it come with any fishing rod holders or mounting points for other accessories like a battery, rudder or trolling motor.

Pelican offers a lifetime limited warranty on the hull and deck. In addition, there is a one-year warranty on parts and accessories. You can check full details of warranty on Pelican’s official page . Note that to avail the warranty, you have to register on Pelican’s site within 30 days of purchase.

Overall, the Pelican Argo 100x is a great recreational kayak with decent performance, good comfort, impressive portability and many utility features. If you want an entry level kayak that will last long, this is the one!


  • Solid build quality
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Spacious cockpit
  • Padded seat is super comfy
  • Adjustable seats
  • Easy to maneuver, turns on a dime
  • Stable
  • Drain Plug
  • Multiple footwells
  • Two bottle holders
  • Dry storage hatch in the front
  • Tank well in the rear


  • Can’t handle waves, winds or choppy waters
  • No paddle included
  • Lacks customizability
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How to Choose a Kayak for Dogs: Buying Guide

Do you want to kayak on calm and slow-moving waters? Or are you interested in tackling white water, rapids and ocean swells?

Sit on top vs Sit Inside

Do you want a large and open space with ready-to-use storage compartments? Or are you okay with a closed cockpit design?

Sit on top kayaks often come with dedicated storage spaces in the form of tank wells and dry storage hatches. They also have a lot of space on board to keep additional stuff and make yourself comfortable.

Sit on top yaks are easy to get in and out of. You can even jump out for a quick swim and climb back in. Sit inside kayaks, on the other hand, protect you from bad weather and also prevent waves from getting you wet.

Inflatable vs Hard Shell

Another classification of kayaks is in terms of their building material. Inflatable kayaks are mostly made with PVC material with a tarpaulin bottom. On the other hand, hard shell kayaks are generally made with polyethylene material, which is a strong and durable thermoplastic.

One-person Kayaks vs Tandem Kayaks

Tandem kayaks allow two or more paddlers to ride simultaneously. This means there is a dedicated seat you can use to accommodate your dog. Well, not the seat, but you can remove the seat and have your dog sit in the molded space.

The downside is that not all tandem kayaks are stable or perform well when used as a solo. So you have to even out the weight distribution to have a stable ride with your dog.

One-person kayaks, on the other hand, have just enough space for a single paddler. Not all of them can accommodate dogs. However, there are many one-person kayaks, some listed in this guide, that come with extra room to accommodate a dog.

Which Kayak Type Is Not Dog-Friendly?

Not all kayaks are meant to be used with dogs.

Sea Kayaks

The perfect example of this is sea kayaks – they are long and narrow, so there is not enough space to bring your dog. They are also less stable when it comes to primary stability (the ability to stay stable on flat water). You don’t want your dog to rock the kayak and tip it over, so avoid sea kayaks at all costs.

White Water Kayaks

The second type of kayak to avoid is white water kayaks. They are designed in such a way that the paddler has to use their entire body to maneuver them and navigate through waves and rapids. This type of maneuver isn’t possible with a dog on board. They also don’t have enough room for a dog.

Speed vs Stability

What is the most important to you? Speed or stability? If it is speed, go with a long and somewhat narrow yak. Don’t pick a kayak that is too narrow, because it would feel cramped inside. If you really value stability, go with a wide kayak and pay attention to the hull design.

Weight Capacity

Another thing to check is how much weight the kayak can hold. You don’t want a yak that can only support 200 lbs. Assess how much weight capacity you will need including the gear, and choose accordingly.


Consider the weight and size of the kayak. If it is too heavy and bulky, it will be hard to carry on the ground and load or unload from your car. Lightweight kayaks weigh around 35 to 50 pounds. Kayaks heavier than that are generally hard to carry. Check if the yak comes with carry handles on the sides for easy transportation.


Check the dimensions of the kayak – length, width and depth. See if the hull is wide and spacious enough to accommodate your dog. Be aware how big and heavy your dog is.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How to Train Your Dog for Kayaking?

The best way to train your dog for kayaking is to teach it gradually. Also, repetition can lessen their anxiety and help them adapt to being on water.

First teach the dog to get in and out of the kayak on dry ground. This is easy to do – just reward the dog with food or treats for getting in and staying at ease inside the kayak.

Once the dog has learnt how to get in and out of the kayak on dry ground, move this process on shallow water, near the shore or a dock. Teach the dog to get in through specific verbal commands. While teaching this, have someone hold the kayak steady in case the dog gets nervous or rocks the kayak.

Next, try kayaking with your dog a few feet away from the shore or the dock. Use the same techniques – reward the dog to stay still and at ease. Make specific commands to make the dog get inside, sit still and get out.

Using this gradual process, you will be able to kayak with your dog in a few weeks.

Q. How to Make a Stable Platform for Your Dog in a Kayak?

There are many ways to make a kayak dog platform or kayak dog deck. An effective way is to add waterproof pads to the deck with enough padding, slip-resistant mechanism and solid build quality to prevent damage from nail scratches. Make sure the platform material is something the dog can grip with its feet.

Many people don’t prepare for this and use a towel instead. That is wrong because towels can get wet and the dog can slip.

Q. What Type of Waters Can I Kayak with my Dog?

When starting out, it is best to go on flat water lakes or ponds. Once your dog is comfortable, try paddling on slow-moving rivers when there are no winds or strong currents. After that, you can kayak anywhere as long as the conditions aren’t extreme.

Q. What is the Right Way of Modifying Kayak for Dogs?

When modifying a kayak for dogs, the first thing is to make a platform for them to sit on. This is explained above. You can also add adhesive strips, that are often available at home improvement stores. They help maintain traction for dogs. There are many choices and DIY things to do, but make sure to make it comfortable and non-slip.

Q. How to Kayak with a Dog?

As explained above, you should introduce your dog to kayaking gradually. First, make them sit in and get out of the kayak on the ground. Then, on shallow water near the shore, and then a few feet away from the shore.

Q. What precautions should I take when kayaking with a dog?

Make sure you bring water along to keep them hydrated and avoid overheating. Make the dog wear a flotation jacket to ensure their safety in case they get nervous or agitated due to sudden change in weather. In the beginning, make extra efforts to keep an eye on them. Make sure they don’t move around too much and don’t get distracted with something on the water or try to grab it. This can be done using voice commands.

Q. What type of commands can I use while kayaking with my dog?

Voice commands are a great way to teach your dog to be comfortable on water. The following commands can come in handy.

  • “Get in your place” – This command teaches the dog to sit in their place.
  • “Lay down” – When you encounter waves or a flock of birds on the way, this command can help the dog understand that it is time to sit down and stop walking around. Once the danger passes, you can say “good boy” or “good girl” and pet them to reward this behavior.
  • “Okay!” – You can use it to let the dog know it is time to get out of the kayak.

Similarly, you can make your own commands and reward systems to teach them a specific behavior.

Q. Which Kayak Dog Seat Should I Choose?

If you have a sit-on-top kayak, you can use a dog seat to make the perfect place for your dog. Kayak seats for dogs are just non-slip platforms. It is sort of a perch where your dog can lay down and relax. On sit-inside kayaks, the cockpit is closed for the most part, putting a dedicated platform can be hard.

Q. Where Can I have my Dog Poop while kayaking?

Having your dog poop while kayaking can be difficult if you are not prepared. You should carry poop bags to help them take care of business. Make sure to leave no trace on the water or near the shore. Bury the poop more than 200 feet away from the shore and put it six to eight inches deep in the ground. You can also put the poop in a bag and take it back home.

Final Thoughts

There are many things to consider when buying a kayak for dogs.

This guide will help you pick the right kayak based on your personal preferences.