Top 6 Sit On Kayaks [year]

Nothing compares to the feeling of being a drip in the ocean. Small and insignificant, you’ve never felt more at one with your surroundings until seeing the world from your kayak.

Exploring rugged coastlines to inland rivers and estuaries is a must for any active adventurer. Allowing you to be out on the water for hours at a time, you need a sturdy, well-made kayak fit for the terrain.

Finding a good quality sit on kayak that gives you the freedom to roam, while still feeling confident on the water can be a bit overwhelming. Here’s where to start:

This is the best Sit On Kayak on this list: 

Riot Escape 9
2 Reviews
Riot Escape 9
Premium 3.5lb Folding Anchor with 40ft Rope

Best Sit On Kayaks – Reviews

1. Riot Escape 9

Riot Escape 9

What’s Good?
  • Lightweight and Compact: Weighing only 14.5kg, this smaller kayak is extremely lightweight and easy to move in or out of the water.
  • Easier for Smaller Paddlers: The narrower hull makes the Riot Escape 9 much easier for small/medium sized adults to manoeuvre.
  • Offers Great Stability: The arched hull offers greater stability, which is sure to build confidence in newer kayakers.
What’s Bad?
  • Not for Large Kayakers: Due to the smaller size of this kayak, it is not designed to accommodate larger paddlers.

Eye-catching and lightweight, the Riot Escape 9 is perfectly designed for young adults and children to enjoy. With its narrower top, this kayak makes it easier for smaller paddlers to reach the water without getting caught on the sides.

Great for exploring rivers, getting a taste for the ocean and sheltered coastline this is a good starter kayak. Built with younger paddlers in mind, the Escape 9 offers a stable arched hull to help build confidence on the water.

Easy to mount onto a roof rack between uses – the Escape 9 weighs in at only 14.5kg. A package deal, this kayak comes with a 2 part paddle and seat.

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2. Tootega Prophecy 135


What’s Good?
  • Perfect for Longer Trips: With large storage capacity and comfort features, you can easily sit in this kayak all day long.
  • Suitable for Taller Kayakers: The Prophecy 135 comes with extended legroom, which is a blessing for taller kayakers.
  • Smooth And Stable: A long waterline gives this kayak grace, and quick turning.
What’s Bad?
  • Expensive: This is one of the more expensive kayaks on this list, but it is exceptional quality.

Adventurers and explorers rejoice, the Tootega Prophecy 135 is equipped to handle the harshest of sea conditions. A titan of the sea, the Prophecy is a stable and seaworthy platform unafraid to take on choppier waves as well as the calmer waters.

Offering exceptional storage capacity and integrated comfort features, the Prophecy is an excellent choice for those that enjoy longer touring trips and coastal exploration.

With easy to adjust footrests, cushioned heel pads and an ergonomic seating position, your journey can be a comfortable one.

Perfect for the skilled kayaker or the coastline enthusiast, there’s no better kayak.

3. FeelFree Roamer 1

Atwood Marine Folding Anchor

What’s Good?
  • Great All-Rounder: If you want a kayak to get you on the water, and in different types without hassle, this may be for you.
  • More Budget Friendly: One of the less expensive kayaks, this is brilliant for beginners or those just starting out.
What’s Bad?
  • Not Specialised: If you’re looking for a kayak more evolved for certain situations, you may need to look elsewhere.

A great all-rounder, the FeelFree Roamer 1 is a superior sit on top kayak. It’s incredibly versatile too. With a design that accommodates surfing and exploring around the coastline, rivers, canals and estuaries – the Roamer is a worthy investment.

For those just getting started, the Roamer offers excellent stability and easy handling on the water. Spacious and well-considered, the Roamer can accommodate essential kit and supplies, as well as allowing enough room for a small child to sit in front of you.

The Roamer is exceptionally user-friendly, and with its easy to hold handles, you will be able to load and unload the kayak with ease.

For the surfer enthusiasts, it is recommended that you use a set of padded thigh straps for extra control on the waves.

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4. Wavesport Scooter Whiteout


What’s Good?
  • Looks Beautiful: With a wide range of design choices, the Scooter Whiteout is sure to have an option you like.
  • Versatile: Whether you’re new or experienced, or on lakes or rivers, this kayak will not let you down.
  • Easy to Carry: With its well placed handles and its lighter weight, the Scooter Whiteout is easy to carry to the water.
What’s Bad? 
  • Lacks Grace: Paddling in this kayak isn’t as graceful or calm as the Tootega for instance.

Paddlers of all abilities can enjoy the Wavesport Scooter Whiteout. With its perfectly balanced volume distribution, you can roam the water landscape with confidence.

Stylish and highly visible on the water, the Scooter has it all. With the option to surf the waves or explore inland or out, the Scooter offers a range of exciting features including storage, a tracking hull, a self-bailing system and even a water bottle holder.

Built to withstand harsh sea conditions, the Scooter offers a smooth and predictable ride. With the innovative tracking hill and unswept bow in action, you will never compromise on manoeuvrability.

5. Islander Calypso Sport

Islander Calypso Sport

What’s Good?
  • Comfortable: With an adjustable backrest and ergonomic foot-braces, this kayak is one you can paddle comfortably in.
  • Keep Your Things Safe: With both a 5″ and 10″ hatch, there’s plenty of space to store your belongings and keep them safe.
What’s Bad?
  • Slightly Heavy: At 22kg, this kayak is slightly weighty and can be difficult to carry around for a while.

Ready for the adventure, the Islander Calypso Sport is built for the free-spirited individual and the family all in one. Water is pushed to the side as you carve through the water with the Calypso Sport’s smart wave displacing design.

The Calypso Sport can weather harsh conditions all while holding its line in the water.

Outfitted with a spacious cockpit and plenty of storage, you can keep your mobile phone and other essentials safe as you explore. It’s strong carry handles, and sturdy design makes the Calypso Sport a dream to transport and ride.

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6. FeelFree Move

FeelFree Move

What’s Good?
  • Cost Effective: While purchasing a kayak is still expensive, the FeelFree Move is a lot more affordable than some others.
  • Wheel in the Keel: A wheel has been placed in the rear of this kayak to make transportation much easier.
  • Stable: The hull is specially designed to allow for stability, while also maintaining straight-line paddling with ease.
What’s Bad?
  • Not Designed for Taller People: While the fit may be great if you are a smaller individual, taller people are going to experience more difficulty.

Child-friendly, compact and versatile the FeelFree Move kayak is an excellent choice for those wanting to build confidence on the water. Stable and holding its line on the water, this kayak is incredibly user-friendly and fun to paddle.

Perfect for coursing rivers, lakes and estuaries, the Move is a good purchase for those who like to explore in comfort. Surfers can enjoy the Move with additional thigh straps.

Adaptable and versatile, the Move can accommodate a range of activities including fishing. It is also incredibly lightweight and easy to transport with its chunky grab handles.

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What should you look out for when buying a Sit On Kayak?

Sit On kayaks come in a range of styles and specialisations, so pick one that matches up with your skill level. They’re also brilliant at teaching children and first-time paddlers about kayaking and being on the water, due to their ease of use.

Where sit-on kayaks mainly differ to sit-in, is that they’re much easier to get in and out of, but leave you less protected from the elements. Do your research and decide on what’s best for you.

Final Thoughts

If you’re going to buy a kayak, make sure you properly explore the types that are right for you. There is no point investing in a sea kayak, if you’re nowhere near the sea for instance. Likewise, make sure you buy a kayak that is designed for both your size and weight, otherwise you may find your enjoyment limited.

Now you know about the best Sit On Kayaks, which one are you tempted to buy?