Why Kayaking Is Great for Your Health [year]

Kayaking is a great recreational activity that lets you take in natural wonders from an entirely new perspective. What you may not have realised though, is that going kayaking is actually a fantastic workout too. Whether you want to work on improving your cardio, strengthening your core, or simply boost endurance – here are

Here are 6 reasons why kayaking is great for your health

Shed the Fat

Does kayaking burn as many calories per hour as other sports, like running? No, but unless you’re doing a marathon, you don’t run for hours upon end. When you take that into account, alongside that a moderate pace will burn roughly 400 calories per hour, you are looking at some serious weight loss. 

Kayaking is one of those sports where you can just lose yourself and spend all day doing it. Before you know it, four hours have passed and you’re not even tired. If you manage to go several times a week, you can really reap the weight loss rewards.

Build Muscle Mass

Just like lifting weights, paddling through the water provides resistance which helps to build and strengthen your muscles. It’s not just your arms that’ll see the benefit either. As you turn and endeavour to keep your balance, your legs will be constantly working. 

Just like any type of exercise, it’s completely normal to have aching muscles for a day or so after you’ve been kayaking. The trick is to remember how much fun you had, and to keep doing it. Eventually, you’ll feel great and be able to kayak for longer without feeling any soreness the next day. 

Strengthen Your Core

It’s not just your arms and legs that get used during kayaking, you’re also working out your abs, obliques, and lower back. It is notoriously hard to improve the muscle definition of your core. This is because the stomach is surrounded by stubborn fats, which are difficult to burn. 

This makes kayaking one of the best sports to strengthen your core and improve definition since it is constantly in use. The rotational movement of paddling is extremely effective at exercising these areas, which sheds the fat and builds up your core muscles.

As with all forms of self-improvement and exercise, results won’t be seen overnight. This doesn’t mean that it’s not worth continuing, however. Push yourself and you should start to see the beneficial effects of routine exercise on your body.

Improve Endurance

Kayaking is a sport that is typically done for multiple hours at a time, and by taking part in this sport, you’ll ultimately find your stamina develops greatly. As is typical with repeated exercise, the more you do, the more you’ll be able to do. The more often you go kayaking, the further you’ll be able to go.

It’s not just your kayaking endurance that will improve either, and you’ll be able to withstand endurance-based tasks with greater ease. Especially since you’ll also start to see an increase in your general fitness. 

The beauty of kayaking is that it doesn’t feel like strenuous exercise, and you can go at your own pace. While you can use it as a workout, that is not the point of being in a kayak. Simply taking note of the world around you is enough, and this way you can ensure that you enjoy your time on time water. 

Healthy Heart

Kayaking is a fantastic cardio workout. The increased exertion on your body forces your heart to pump more blood to your organs, strengthening your heart in the process. This improves your circulation, and by lowering your blood pressure and average heart rate, it helps you to avoid certain circulatory issues. 

It’s recommended that you do 150 minutes of moderate activity a week, and kayaking for several hours can easily fulfil that. To really compound on the positive effects, kayaking multiple times a week would benefit your circulatory system greatly.

Stress Buster

It’s hard to remain stressed about life when you’re kayaking. When you’re on the water, you have to think about several different factors, such as where you are, where you’re going, and keeping the kayak stable. You don’t have time to think about the wider world, and that sort of freedom helps your stresses just melt away. 

Once you’re on the calm water, just bobbing away, you can get lost in the beauty of nature. The different perspective is incredible, and you feel far more connected than if you were to go for a woodland walk. There’s something immeasurably calming about escaping your daily burdens, even just for a few hours.

If you’re interested, we’ve also got a guide for people who want to get into kayaking. Why not check it out, and take advantage of the incredible health benefits that kayaking can provide. It’s great fun too, and a fantastic way to spend time with family.